Qigong Testimonials - people's experience with Limin Song

Ivan M. Lui-Kwan - Honolulu, Hawaii

"Qigong Master Limin Song is an inspiration.  Her caring instruction using Qigong principles inspires her students to discover and to access portals to facilitate the circulation of energy throughout the body.  These Qigong principles communicated through Master Song’s gentle direction has inspired and enabled me to heal my chronic back pain. 

Throughout most of my adult life, lower back pain has been my companion, becoming increasingly more severe with passage of time.  Determined to find a strategy to heal my back without the application of invasive surgery, I sought the aid of Qigong through Master Song.  I have been relieved of the burden of my back pain because of the mana or spiritual energy of Master Song’s special healing powers, her humility and her genuine care in my good health. Master Song, mahalo nui loa – Please accept my deep gratitude!"
- Ivan M. Lui-Kwan - Honolulu, Hawaii

Erica McMillan

"Aloha Limin - I'm very happy to learn this art with you over the past 2 months. I feel strongly that this practice  is the vehicle for working through my issues and physical  discomforts, rebuilding energy and vitality in my life so I can keep  up with my 3 children and achieve my goals.

You are an amazing teacher and I have come to crave the sound of your voice!
Thank you! I cannot say how or why it works; only that it does work.  Not only do I feel immediate relief from lower back pain and a relaxed euphoric state, but I also feel it subtly working on other levels as well...I follow the voice guiding me through visualizations, light and breathe, the universe, my feet rooted into the earth. I feel one with it all, at peace. My cells are smiling.

For me it's the right thing at the right time. I'm learning to connect with my higher self and to trust that if I can just do that much each day and the rest will work itself out." - Erica McMillan

Michelle Zacks

"I met Limin and started practicing Qigong with her about a year ago while I was visiting Hawai'i for the summer.  I found her to be a very warm, open, and generous person.  She made the ideas surrounding the practice of Qigong easy to understand and the practice itself very enjoyable because she is so full of positive energy herself.  When I left Hawaii to return home to Florida, I continued to practice with the recordings she has made. 

But it was when I returned to Hawaii about 6 months ago and went through a very emotionally challenging period in my life that I really experienced Limin's strength as a teacher.  She possesses a great deal of wisdom about the fundamental nature of life and the human spirit, and yet she is so humble and down-to-earth in the way that she conveys her knowledge and experience.  Her humor, compassion and generosity make her a truly great teacher. 

I feel quite sure in my bones that practicing Qigong with Limin's guidance will lead me toward every-greater physical and spiritual health and I recommend her very highly!" - Michelle Zacks

Irmina Bernal (3 years of practice)

"Limin is a great instructor. She is dedicated to teach everyone how to stay healthy and happy. She cares about each student and teaches us how to deal with our personal problems and everyday stress. The qigong she introduced to us is to me the easiest and the most powerful technique. You do not have to memorize anything just follow the instructions and in the first class you are able to experience energy. Each practice is a different experience.

Limin taught me how to relax, change focus and stay grounded and being aware of myself.  I can use it now every time I feel stressed. The technique itself is to me like guided meditation, we learn to focus on the energy, our true Self. After one hour of qigong I feel "purified" and ready to start another week at work. I do not want to skip any class.  If I do, it would be like skipping shower in the morning.

Thank you Limin for sharing with us the secret of well-being discovered by ancient Chinese!"  - Irmina Bernal

Linda Harris

"Limin is a dear friend who has been helping people awaken to the healing power of qigong and tai chi.  Her unique wisdom, kindness, and ability to help others transform has inspired students to get well, quiet their minds, build strength and immunity, clear energy, breathe deeper, live sustainably, improve relationships, reduce stress, and bring greater light into our world. 

Limin draws and is of service to people from every walk of life, naturally establishing a deep rapport with everyone she meets. She is a natural, dedicated, and schooled trainer who studied both in China and in the USA.  Limin’s energy, love, and patience radiate; she always make her students feel fully welcome, safe, and cared for under guidance – giving each one personal attention to learn at their own pace."
- Linda Harris

Grace Hawley

"Limin is truly a master and is an inspiration for one seeking the skills of self-healing and energy awareness.  I have studied various teachings through the years and I have found my teacher in Limin.

Going to Limin's class every week is a discipline that I find refreshing and uplifting while keeping me on track. My visualization is improving during the exercises; I see more of the light especially in the eyebrow area. I also feel the chi radiating from my hands   and arms and have more energy, so I feel I am making progress!"
- Grace Hawley

"Limin is a qigong master who cares deeply about her students and she is passionate about helping others learn about this ancient Chinese system of self-healing through proper posture, breathing, and mind.  With each lesson, Limin takes you through the physical steps of the qigong practice and provides guided imagery with her soft, soothing voice.  Through regular qigong practice, I was able to attain a balance of my emotions and physical sense of well-being which allowed me to deal with the everyday stresses and demands of work in a much more positive light.  Qigong has so many benefits that can improve the quality of life through the exchange of qi energy with the universe.  I highly recommend Limin's teaching to anyone who wants to maintain their health in a natural way." - Arlene Hajime

"I have been practicing Qi Gong for a little over 5 years now and it continues to rescue me in every challenging part of my life as the years go by.  In the first year I started practicing, I did not “see” any benefits from practicing but continued on.  The first realization that it was working was when I was the maid of honor at my best friend’s wedding.  I was able to go through the entire week before the wedding with almost no anxiety or stress.  I went to work every day as normal and did not take any time off until the day before the big event.  I experienced a calmness and serenity throughout the week, the entire event, and after.  For me it was amazing!  It seems like a small thing but usually being at the attention of a large group of people is extremely stressful for me.  When I suffered no stress, I was incredible!

Six years ago I was hospitalized for a high fever and low white blood count.  It was basically caused by years of stress from work and a bad diet.  When I got out of the hospital, I made up my mind that I caused this problem and I was the only person who could make it better.  I started searching for a Qi Gong teacher and attended a class for 3 8-hour days for a lot of money.  The class was okay but the instructor was smoking!  That turned me off completely.  An acquaintance of mine recommended Limin Song, who she met in a class.  I took my friend’s recommendation and contacted Limin.  I have been practicing with Limin since that time. 

Last year my father got extremely sick and weak from prostate cancer.  He suffered a set back from the chemotherapy treatments.  I am convinced that Qi Gong has provided the strength for me to go through all of the ups and downs of my father’s health care, dealing with the family’s stress and anxiety, and work without any major impact.  Those at work have no idea what I’m going through.  My mother is suffering through all the stress and watches me in amazement and continues to tell me how calm I am.  That’s what I get from practicing Qi Gong!"  - Gerri Kaneshiro

"A journey of a thousand miles start with a single step” (Tao 64).  My name is Ronald Quon and my personal journey began six years ago when I enrolled in a Qigong class.  The teacher for that class was Limin Song.  At present, my journey continues and I am still a student of Jingang Qigong with Limin's instruction and guidance.

The practice of Qigong was not foreign to me since I was always interested and briefly involved with various forms of martial arts.  I knew Qigong was an internal part of Chinese martial arts, namely Tai Chi Chuan.  With an open mind and curious to learn more about Qigong, I began to practice Qigong to experience how it would benefit me personally. 

Ever since I started practicing with Limin, it has been a life changing experience with positive results.  I am healthier, and I feel emotionally more stable with ability to cope with life’s ups and downs.  However, none of this happened instantly or overnight.  For me, the practice requires much self-motivation and patience on my part.  One day, one step at a time.  My progress may be slow (to my standards), but through Limin’s dedicated teaching and constant encouragement I know I am on the right path for my personal journey to go beyond.  I have a thousand miles to go yet, but then, I have a lifetime to go there."  - Ronald Quon

"It continues to amaze me how people quietly come into our lives when we need them the most.  We're never aware of its significance until we take a backward look.  My association with Limin began about 7 years ago when I happened to see an ad in the newspaper about her Qigong classes.  I wasn't looking to take any classes of any sort, but for some reason I was intrigued.  I chose to attend her class on King Street.

I attended faithfully for a number of months until Limin moved the class to a place and time that was much too difficult for me to continue.  I didn't think of Qigong or Limin again until April 2006, when I learned that the cancer I thought I was cured of in 2000 had metastasized in my liver, spine, and brain.  I thought of Limin and got in touch with her.

Limin came to my home and gave me a personal refresher Qigong lesson.  I also attended her Sunday class in the Kahala area for a few months.  Qigong has become a daily ritual, and I practice it faithfully.

Considering I've been undergoing chemotherapy for over a year, I find that I still have the energy to continue working full time, have become very accepting of my situation but, at the same time, maintain a fighting spirit.  I also notice that I don't need as much sleep anymore.  Oh, yes, I still need to rest after treatments, but my body recovers well.

Limin has continued to encourage me, support me, and empathize with me during my health challenge.  Thank you, Limin." - Ginger Parales

Jill Ackerman

"In this vast universe and infinite spectrum of light, Limin offers guidance for embracing the healing luminous light and bringing it into the body - in quantities appropriate for that which is needed for our highest wellbeing, by gentle yet powerful movement, internal visualization, focus, and breath harmony.  I feel to become an instrument of the light, the divine breath breathing me. There is expanded awareness, and an overwhelming gratefulness to be flowing (and glowing) in the infinite vibration. Thank you, Limin for this attunement." - Jill Ackerman

Doris Segal Matsunaga

"I first learned qigong from Limin Song about 6 years ago when she taught a class for staff at our community health center. I had practiced yoga for many years, but was having problems with a recurrent knee injury, and sadly, even yoga practice seemed to make it worse. I decided to try qigong.

I found Limin to be an enthusiastic, patient, focused, lighthearted and wise teacher.  Some teachers expect you to just watch and follow.  Limin explains, offering useful images and words to accompany the movements that enhance the flow of qi through the body. Limin told us she was teaching a healing style of qi gong, but I did not expect any miracles. However, from the first day, I could feel this ball of qi between my hands, and over the past several years have experienced benefits of practicing qi gong.

I practice on most days, for 20 minutes when I get home from work, and find that, for me, qigong is like taking a shower for stress, like taking Tylenol for a headache:  Afterwards, I feel clean, refreshed, freed from the anxiety and worry I carried  at the start.  In times of crisis, I have found qi gong practice offered dramatic short-term relief from my fears. After about 6 months of practicing qi gong, my knees were strong enough to return to yoga practice. 

Was this due to the qigong?  I don't know for sure, but I think the qigong helped to heal my knees.  My Western trained mind explains this as energy medicine.  After I practice I do something Limin taught me to take the warm qi in my hands and place those hands on the parts of the body that need attention.   I always find that when my knee feels a bit sore or achy, if I rub my hands together, feel the qi between them, and place my hands on the knee, that it immediately feels better.  I cannot explain this, but it happens so consistently now that I don't wonder any more, I just gratefully accept it.  Mahalo, Limin." - Doris Segal Matsunaga

Carol Fukomoto

"My name is Carol F.  and my first introduction to Limin and Qigong was during a session at the UH Clerical seminar.  She was invited to conduct a mini qigong session at one of the workshops.   Before this session, the only information about Qigong that I had was only what was given as a workshop description.

I attended that day’s seminar with a very stiff neck.   Limin introduced the practice of Qigong and put us through some relaxation exercises.  At the end of this session, my stiff neck actually felt better!   I needed help in learning to relax.   I became interested in learning more.

I signed up for the Qigong session that was offered at the Kaimuki YMCA.   I attended Qigong classes for about 6 months.  The movements of Qigong were simple enough to learn but the actual exercise/practice requires concentration and dedication.  During this time, I notice that my concentration improved with each session.  I was amazed at what my body can do with only the mind being exercised!  A lot of tension and muscle stiffness is stress and I believe that Qi-gong can help - my only weakness is the continual need to put what I’ve learned into practice.

I recently purchased Limin’s relaxation CDs.   Even though I can't personally attend her classes, I am trying to practice relaxation techniques with these cd sessions." - Carol Fukomoto

Ed Oshiro

"Today, with lives many trials and tribulations, people get the quick fix by taking medication at a moments notice and not heal themselves through their own thoughts and beliefs.  After experiencing restless nights and feeling out of sync with myself, I looked for an alternative solution to cleanse my body and mind. 

After a lengthy search, I know that I have found the person to help me with my health concerns.  My first encounter with Limin Song has been truly a blessing, for there are many practitioners who teach their style of Qigong, but are not as effective as one would like it to be.  During our class sessions, being in the presence of Limin has a calming effect and you leave the class recharged and refreshed.

Limin's simplified style of teaching prepares you to practice on your own during the week until the next class.  Newsletters sent via e-mail and her informative website gives everyone a comprehensive understanding of Qigong and Limin's teaching.  The class taught me a better understanding of my physical and mental capabilities of my body, and with practice, I will gain a better understanding of Qigong." - Ed Oshiro

Suzanne Uratani

"Dear Limin - While I no longer practice Qigong since I took your classes in 2001, I feel I learned many things from you that I still rely on today.

These include focusing in order to fall asleep. I've tailored this for my own needs, and it rarely fails. The other thing is intentional walking, which involves concentrating on the act and motion of taking a step. This is especially useful when you make the mistake of finishing your walk by going UPHILL!

In looking back on my reasons for taking your class, I realize that I needed SOMETHING, and that wasn't yoga or aerobics. I found I knew several people in the class, who had their own issues: health or otherwise.

I feel that your class, and your teaching, helped me learn to focus better overall, and to improve my breathing by awareness. These things would not appear to be useful someone who was later downsized from their job, but I feel they did help.

Since then, I have suggested to several friends that Qigong would be useful to them. Limin, I don't know if anyone followed up by seeing you, but I hope they did. The most recent was last week

If I ever feel the need to return to the practice, I still have your instruction tape and booklet, and would be sure to utilize them. Aloha and Best Wishes" - Suzanne Uratani

"We are fortunate that qigong teachers from China like Limin Song are dedicated to sharing their expertise with us. Qigong is more than a technique. And it is more than a pragmatic self-healing system. It is part of a broader way of relating properly to the universe to which you and I belong. Only a skilled teacher can guide students along this pathway.

Teacher Song listens to her students and tries to answer your questions in the way you ask them. Also, if you have acquired experience with self-healing systems like yoga, Teacher Song will show the similarities to make learning qigong easier."
- Vincent K. Pollard

Wenji Wang

"I benefit a lot from going to Limin's Qigong class. When I practice in the class I feel relaxed and calm. I can sleep better the night after the class. Limin is a good Tai Chi and Qigong instructor. Her instruction to Qigong is easy to follow." - Wenji Wang